6. A Riot Of Images


Everyone has left the party and the house is quiet.

Not even a cockroach stirs.

Except for Laksman, who is trying to tempt his brother and their friend Sita into sharing an amphetamine which he scored whilst convincing a Vanara not to eat Rama.

Sita is all ears, listening to their stories of wild nights, but in her bad mood, brought about by her argument with Surpanakh, she is looking to calm down and maybe Laksman has the right answer. Sita's family is amongst the crowd waiting for the archery performance of a life time on the playing fields of Sarawasti International School.


The adventure continues in Forest.

Everything I hope is back on track as April brings the first signs of Spring (sorry those south of the equator)

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Next Issue:

Winners have all the luck. Or do they? Rama is taken to the Headmaster's office accused of having hidden vast quantities of amphetamines in his locker. Could this be Surpanakh's revenge? Business executive and brother of the King, Khara pays Dasaratha's office to find him having troubles of his own... in issue 3