5. Alliance Of Discord


Welcome to The Forest.

But this forest is one made of concrete and electrical cables. Although Serica looks like any modern metropolis its inhabitants carry their traditions and superstitions close to their hearts.

All manner of different festivals and holidays are observed and conflict with the modern world of cellphones, pylons, combustion engines and high rises.

First we take time to celebrate our hero's birthday. All his friends from school have gathered, falan and human alike, to celebrate his coming of age.

Temptations and challenges await our heroes in the mass of pylons and vegetation that run over the city in this second part of Ramayana: The Thread of Luminance.


After introducing the world of Rama and Sita, the adventure continues in the first issue of the second book: Forest.

March 2016 has been a tough month - not only did my smart phone battery expand due to the heat, but my laptop died after 6 years of use and then in the last week my monitor of ten years died. Fortunately I had a small desktop and a rigid backup policy sonothing was lost and my work is back on schedule.

I would like to thank my patrons, listed below, who have helped me bring this exciting start of Ramayana: The Thread of Luminance to the world.

A big thank you to those people and I hope that everyone enjoys the start of Book 2.

Next Issue:

Archery Tournament. Schools from across Ayodhya gather to compete and our champion is on top form. Spectators including Sita and her father are here to support Rama who may already have a sweet heart; a very dangerous sweet heart… in A Riot of Images