4. Trail Of Endurance



Can you believe it? And right in the centre of the capital of Serica! 

Getting off the bus at the wrong stop Rama and Laksman are in a dark part of the city far from any recognisable part of Serica AND it’s getting dark.

Storms are approaching and they must seek shelter amongst the destitute and hungry Vanara, who gather under various elevated expressways away from their homes and communities in the Ayodhyan countryside in order to escape poverty and state violence.

Can Rama and Laksman make it through night and back home in one piece?


This is the final part of the first book: Ayodhya. It has introduced my readers to the world of the Falan students,Rama and Sita. Future books will reveal the world of The Raksasa and Vanara.

I would like to thank my patrons, listed below, who have helped me bring this exciting start of Ramayana: The Thread of Luminance to the world.

A big thank you to those people and I hope that everyone has enjoyed Book 1 Ayodhya and will join me for the action packed second book in the saga.

Next Issue:

It’s Rama’s birthday and everyone is gathered in his home to celebrate, Sita, brother Laksman …and Raksasa High-Society friend: Surpanakh.