20. Obey your Elders & Betters


Afternoon Tea & Cake

Sita and Princess Makarasksa enjoy a leisurely discussion on the difficulties facing the development of Ayodhya over the very civil afternoon tea and cake. Reflecting on the problems that Ayodhya is under going as it changes. Elsewhere the Vanara begin to return to Kishkindha empty handed much to the disappointment of Rama and Laksman all the while Hanuman and his retinue deal with a severe weed problem.

FIREWORKS GUARANTEED, so please be careful!


Two fifths of the epic is now complete and all thanks to my Patrons in supporting my endeavour. As the summer recedes from our memories and thoughts turn to the end of the year I am on course in (nearly) completing half of my planned schedule.

My patrons have been instrumental in supporting so far on this journey; They are listed below:

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Free at Last, Hanuman and Co have broken free of the monster at the heart of Ayodhya and can continue on their quest to the southern most tip of Ravana’s Kingdom whilst the King finds a new distraction in his Asoke Gove in “Soliciting Ignorance“