19. Participation of Chastity & Distribution


The search is underway. 

Vanara are seeking Sita in every corner of the country. What will they reveal? Rama and Laksman along with Sugriva monitor all action from Kishkindha

All this whilst Sita gets to know another member of Ravana’s family…


I hope that we all make as much enthusiasm in undertaking missions as the Vanara do?I certainly know that you all put as great deal of faith into me in competing the task of bringing you this interpretation of one of the worlds greatest stories to as many people as possible.

I am gratefully to all my patrons whom are listed here in helping me do so:

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Hanuman and his band of Vanara find themselves caught by a furious monster at the very heart of Ayodhya, Could there journey and the Search for Sita be over?? Find out in “Obey your Elders & Betters“