18. Cherishing Group-Think


All is not lost

No matter how Sita’s plight may look. Rama and Laksman has finally managed to convince the Vanara to seek her out. The new leader of the Vanara; Sugriva assigns captains to search the North, South, East and West but King Ravana has many Palaces and Exclusive retreats where he may be hiding Sita.


And we’re are off! Well maybe the Vanara are but the search has begun.

I know what means to be finally on our way and finally feel that I’m getting thinks done. 

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Next Issue:

Sita gets further aquatinted with Kings Ravanas eldest daughter and beloved princess in the calm of his majesties private Asoke Grove, whilst the Vanara start their thorough and well mannered search for her… well kind of, in “Participation of Chastity & Distribution"