POPULATION: 100 million


Ayodhya is a country in a fast developing region which is having trouble adjusting to the rapid changes brought by technology and globalisation. Three populations: Falan, Vanara and Raksasa are ruled over by an unstable and corrupt government. Everybody is in awe and fear of the Ancient Monarchy which uses its power and influence to ransack and extort the wealth of the land at the expense of the majority of the population.

The capital city is called Serica, which is where the wealthy Falan and Raksasa elite live and work. Poor Vanara are arriving daily from the countryside to seek food and jobs; fear and tensions are increasing.

It is society on the threshold of great change. 

Rumours and legends persists of the return of an ancient warrior.


Although this is first Issue of the Ramayana: The Thread of Luminance released, it is not the first time I have sought support in producing this epic.

These people generously supported that earlier campaign and are listed below:

A big thank you to those people and hope that everyone will enjoy the final stages of this epic journey.

Next Issue:

Rama and Laksman join Sita and Jatayus and their fellow students from across the city to demonstrate their opposition to the ruling Raksasa. But it is not only the police who attending in force, but also a troop of Vanara who are in attendance in the...