Hello I'm Adam Whiteley, the creator, artist and actor of Ramayana: The Thread of Luminance.

After years of hard work I am excited to bring you this epic after years of miss fires and struggles. I'm glad that the world can finally enjoy my work.

I graduated from one of London's foremost art schools Wimbledon School of Art in 2001 on the cusp of great changes in the world as it entered the 21st Century.

I have worked in many different parts of this fascinating and varied world, from volunteering in Art Spaces in London to commercial Galleries in San Francisco as an intern. Working in an Thai Advertising Agency in Bangkok to helping out at an artist residency in Spain.

I shouldn't have to tell you that I'm a creative person with many artworks created and exhibited; so I won't give you a list of films I've watched, buildings I've been to and books I've enjoyed, but I have travelled widely to places in Asia, Europe and North America.

I looking forward to seeing where Ramayana: The Thread of Luminance will take me next.