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Professor Vinay Lal from UCLA, who is currently working at Delhi University, writes: 

"I like the art work by Adam. He is also undoubtedly right that the work belongs not just to Hindu culture and Indians, but to nearly all of south-east Asia and the global Indian diaspora... this is important work and he appears to me to have the imagination, intelligence, and dedication to produce something that could be novel and really unprecedented."

Read Book 1 Ayodhya

Introducing Rama and his brother Laksman on there first day of school where they befriend Sita and learn more than they bargained for...

Read  Book 4 Beauty Part 1

The Search begins and Sita discovers more about her prison and those that seek to imprison her. Hanuman and his become stuck in a dark and long forgotten secret at he heart of Ayodhya.

The Vanara accompanied by Rama and Laksman make there down the southern most point of Ayodhya only to have Lanka City sit on the other side of the strait. All the time Ravana rebuilds and plots his revenge.

Read Book 2 Forest

In the second book events take a nasty turn for the worse as Rakasa princess takes a liking to Rama and the brothers lose a father whilst Sita beauty is noticed by an all powerful admirer.

Read Hanuyana

An interlude as Hanuman by himself must find a way across the straits that separates Ayodhya from the only place that Sita must still be hidden.


The Vanara Reveal themselves to Rama and Laksman as they undertake the first steps in finding their friend. and take a journey outside the city to meet a legendary figure. 

Read Book 4 Beauty Part 2 

Sita and Hanuman join forces in their attempt to escape from Lanka but the king and his heir will do anything to stop them.


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